Scorpio or Virgo, I have the perfect book for you

Photo by Vedrana Filipović on Unsplash

With autumn right around the corner, it’s time to revamp your to-read list with some fresh picks. I’ve scoured book listicles across the web to find the perfect selection for each zodiac sign. Scroll on to see your matches!


The Mad Women’s Ball by Victoria Mas (Sept 7)

For you, I picked something short and dynamic to snatch your…

Anti-Blackness in Junot Diaz’s best-selling novel


“There’s like a civil war going on with black people. And there’s two sides. There’s black people and there’s niggas. The niggas have got to go. Every time black people want to have a good time…niggas fuck it up” (Rock). This is a line from African-American comedian Chris Rock’s controversial…

Kay B

Owner of Barrett Book Reviews | Bookworm | Cinephile | Marshall Scholar | IG: @barrettbookreviews | GR: KB_615

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